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Mobility is changing

and we are ready

Wise Mobility is the cheapest and easiest way to manage parking, toll, and camera violations.


Wise Mobility's violation management tool is both a better way to manage traditional fleets, as well as the only way to handle shared mobility fleets, with technology that does the work of fleet managers.
One interface

Wise Mobility has done the work of integrating with over 700 issuing agencies accross the US and combines that data into a single end point.

Seamless resolution

If a violation is found, we communicate with the renter in order to ensure compliance and liability transfer.

Analyses and Insight

A unique mix of business and agency data empower us to deliver meaningful insights, to make fleet management more manageable.

Shared Mobility

The future of transportation is here.

All around us, we are seeing huge leaps of innovation in the transportation space - from dockless scooters to autonomous driving.
But you’re still waiting on the mail to know when violations are issued to your vehicles!

we Are the only solution for shared mobilty.

We have completely changed the way violations are handled, and we have a solution for you, too.

Hundreds of agencies. One interface.

The premier cost cutting solution for all fleets.

Eliminate the financial and administrative burden of processing violations internally and leave it to the citation experts.

Sit back while Wise Mobility gets to work for you.

Our RESTful API is entirely event based.

The Wise Mobility API is elegantly simple from the fleet side, requiring minimal integration.

API Documentation


We value our partners and believe that our program of partnership is very effective business tool that opens many advantages for its participants.


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